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How to use data-driven intents to connect with people with a reason
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Meet Damian!

Damian Winkowski is an ex-googler, a software development strategist, and a friend to many CTOs because he knows how to build and scale-up talented software engineering teams.

Damian is also known for his e-book called “Top CTOs Challenges”, and he wants to be in good relationships with tech leaders and professionals who have downloaded and read his study earlier.

This case study aims to validate two specific hypotheses:


Hypothesis 1 can be a day-to-day source of ‘intent-data’ used for re-engagement of contacts from CRM and LinkedIn network

Hypothesis 2 search through hiring-data and jobs can be used to find new leads and sales opportunities for solution-oriented business




  • How to set up alerts on contacts’ tech hirings from Hubspot CRM
  • How to use Rocks & Gold platform as a source of leads for ABM (outbound sales and marketing)
  • How to develop sales-data playbooks and optimize data-collection and persona selection processes (Zero Copy-Paste Sales Process)
  • How to Setup conditional messaging for outbound using data from Rocks & Gold
  • How to manage replies and grow exponentially your network from outbound activities

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