We love the predictive intelligence of hiring data

At Rocks & Gold, we reinforce businesses to look above data collection. Explore the needs of clients. It's all you need.

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Our Mission

Image of two co-founders, Andrei and VictorTeam image from WebSummit 2019
Be 'Givers' to our platform users at any plan, free or paid
We adopt our solution to needs of our clients, by adding new features and data-sources requested by them. We are not afraid of going the extra mile for you.
Build transparent and trusted relationship with partners from the day we meet
We believe that our growth is 100% determined by success of our partners and users.
Save people's time from routine
Our solutions are simplistic and designed to be easily combined with the most popular sales automation tools on the market.

What we’ve done

Alerts and smart enrichment

We introduced new features that allow users to receive updates about new hiring signals or updates

CRM Integration

We built direct integration with Pipedrive and Hubspot CRM to provide users with more effective workflow

Introduced ML models

that identify recruiters, staffers and remove fake companies

Enhanced data-collection

We expand data-sources and increase data processing capabilities in 3 times

beta Startup in stealth

Our team participates in Websummit'19 in Lisbon and announces RG data-platform

MVP version built

We implement algorithms to analyze tech stack

Tech Team growth

Our team tackles problems of data-collection and processing

The Startup is born

Zmicier joins founders team and becomes CTO

Data-driven sales gigs

We adopt lead generation workflow and use hiring data for conditional emails

Boutique Sales Outsource

R&G partners with software houses to expand their sales in EU and the US

Rocks & Gold

Two friends challenge 'status quo' in lead generation and found the agency based in Warsaw
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