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Elevating Your Sales Opportunities
Get 20 meetings every month with your targeted B2B clients through LinkedIn social media management and lead generation with an account-based marketing approach
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Infinite Possibilities
Unleash heightened awareness, foster monthly meetings, extend projects significantly, and secure your first sales opportunity within weeks
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Awareness level of your brand
New meetings monthly with your target client
Project extension after the 1st month
First sales opportunity in 3 weeks
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All-in-one solution
Opt for seamless solutions—from data research to campaign launch and strategic meetings, effortlessly connecting your business with opportunities
Outreach with an Account-Based Marketing Approach and 10 or 20 Meetings Setup
Maximize your impact on LinkedIn with our outreach campaigns based on an Account-based marketing approach for unparalleled precision. Our targeted Lead-generation strategies ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time. We conduct data research, launch campaigns, manage incoming replies, and take charge of direct communication, including arranging strategic meetings to connect your business with the right opportunities effectively
LinkedIn Ads
Target desirable B2B clients and capture the attention of key decision-makers within your industry with our B2B LinkedIn Advertising campaigns. We create and manage ad campaigns that help you generate leads, increase brand awareness, and refine your strategy by providing insights into engagement metrics and campaign effectiveness
Social Media Management
Drive traffic to your business page and nurture relationships with potential customers through a combination of compelling visuals, informative copy, and interactive elements, ultimately increasing conversions and sustaining the growth of your online presence
Event-Focused Live Meetings
Facilitate live meetings during events, maximizing your networking opportunities and returns on investments. Tailored for event success, our specialized product is designed for short, impactful outreach before events. It's the perfect solution for ensuring your brand stands out and connects in a dynamic event environment
Connect with opportunities effortlessly
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How It Works
Unleash heightened awareness, foster monthly meetings, extend projects significantly, and secure your first sales opportunity within weeks
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Data Collection
Effortlessly gather crucial data tailored to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We source comprehensive information on companies and contacts, ensuring that your outreach is finely tuned to target the right audience for maximum impact
Intelligent Outreach Implementation
Leverage our data-driven approach to craft impactful campaigns and seamlessly integrate tools for precise outreach. We analyze results and ensure that your message resonates authentically, fostering meaningful connections
Sales Process Management
We build a customized engagement process and a robust leads management system. From initial contact to strategic follow-ups, our system ensures that no opportunity is overlooked, streamlining your sales process for optimal efficiency and success
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Industry Impact
Delivering Success Across Sectors with Proven Results
Venture Capital
Information Technology & Services
Software Development
Web Development & UX/UI
B2B SaaS (Software as a Service)
HR Technology
Hardware Reseller
IT Outstaffing
Customer Voices
Explore the genuine testimonials from our clients, reflecting the impact and value of our services

"Exceptional professionalism! Collaborating with Rocks & Gold Team has been a pleasure. Their unique and individualized approach played a crucial role in bringing to life all the ideas of the team, embodying a true partnership that significantly contributed to our success"

DGI Tech Group

 IT solutions reseller
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“We reached out to Rocks & Gold Team based on glowing reviews. They excel at connecting companies with an undiscovered audience of potential customers and generating SQLs swiftly. Initially, we were skeptical. However, as we consistently received notifications of interested parties wanting to connect, our primary challenge shifted to finding time in our busy schedule. My team and I are grateful to Rocks & Gold Team for delivering results that exceeded our expectations!”


Blockchain Solutions
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"I extend my gratitude to Rocks & Gold Team for their collaboration. Through their outstanding organization of Pre/Sales Operations, my team successfully established an efficient system and tools. As a startup, we anticipated similar results only after 2.5 months, but everything materialized twice as fast. Presently, we have leads and prospects who not only attended meetings but also engaged in substantive discussions regarding contract terms and product development"

Software Development
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"Rocks & Gold Team led the project with us for six months, demonstrating continuous participation and competencies in sales and outbound marketing. They played a crucial role in helping validate market fit and made an incredible impact on reaching potential customers. I'm grateful to Rocks & Gold Team for their invaluable contribution. Through their efforts, we were able to practically test numerous hypotheses and develop a clear vision for bringing the product to the market. I wish Rocks & Gold Team the most interesting projects and partners ahead"


Analytics Software
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Data Approach
Blend data analytics with hands-on, manual solutions for comprehensive insights
Process Automation
Achieve operational excellence with tailored automation solutions
Strategies Testing
Blend data analytics with hands-on, manual solutions for comprehensive insights
Teams Mentorship
Provide mentorship programs to empower your sales teams
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Enjoy peace of mind with real-time responsiveness and support
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