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Rocks&Gold can help you to collect and filter results as easily as possible.

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Job Data Filters

rockgold collects and filters data from top job posting data sources and automatically sends it to you

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Data Delivery & Alerts

Our high-end crawler technology allows to source you with always fresh, updated data from 50+ job sources

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Data Filtering

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Use any combination of filters /parameters to find signals that you won’t find anywhere but
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No more rage-clicking. Forget about burden of manual data collection and boring job post screening with ctrl + c
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Our customer success protocol will ensure that users will maximizes data delivery on search parameters
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Delivery & Alerts

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Customize data delivery from A to Z.
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API keys for proficient users
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Decide on how you’d like to receive data
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Why Choose Rocks&Gold?

You may submit us any requirement for data collection.
We will work towards your needs.

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API & Data Formats

Select the best format. Enable CRM integration or API key to receive hundreds of jobs for $0,1 per query

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What is a job posing signal?

A job posting signal (same as job post) indicates that a company has a need for people, skills, or expertise to solve a problem

How often is the job data updated? What sources do you collect your data from?

We updated job data daily from about 100 job boards from all over the globe. Not only from LinkedIn!

Do you get your data legally?

Absolutely 100%. We use only public and ethically sourced data

Is it possible to sort job data?

Yes, our customer success team will work closely with you to make sure we include/exclude all keywords for the dataset

How much do your services cost?

We have the best prices on the market for job data. Our data starts from 1 cent per job and less, up to $0.01 per signal

How accurate is the job data you provide?

Each job post contains an original link from job boards so you can check that the job post is real at any time.

You miss 100% shots you don’t take, right?