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Rocks & Gold is a dynamic lead generation platform that supplies data-driven leads for sales automation daily.
Our clients get access to real-time triggers and insights that can be easily transformed into immediate action.

Make your outreach highly-intuitive

Our platform is designed to facilitate non-ending outbound lead generation campaigns for your business.
Our mission is to enrich B2B sales automation outreach with personalisation and real-time triggers but without a burden of manual work.
We enhance real human communication in sales by delivering hundreds of data-driven leads right to your pipeline.

Who can take advantage?

This solution is ideal for B2B companies providing products and services that are capable of outperforming their client's available options such as local hiring or outstaffing.

Often time, executives seek to solve their problems in an old-fashioned way and completely not aware of the better solution that exists. Knowing their pain points, you can get to their consideration list by being precise about the value and competitive advantage of your offer.

Software Development
Digital marketing
Disruptive apps
Human Resources
International trading

Our platform is dynamic and never runs out of value-based outbound leads. Determine your sales triggers and find customers in real-time.

Turn data into

More data means better attention to details. We provide highly contextual triggers to enrich your offer with extra relevance and personalisation.

Designed to save
your time

You can process dozens of structured dynamic data in seconds without a burden of manual work. We want your experience to be fast and easy.



Filter, select, and review target leads

We gather the data from dozens of publicly available sources on a daily basis looking for real-time buying signals and needs. We process and structure information, so you get only verified companies.


Transfer your lists directly to the CRM Pipeline

Setup custom filters and lists to continuously collect relevant leads for your business. It takes seconds to export this data into your CRM for further sales automation and marketing needs.

Transfer your lists directly to the CRM Pipeline

Setup custom filters and lists to continuously collect relevant leads for your business. It takes seconds to export this data into your CRM for further sales automation and marketing needs.


Keep it optimized!

Data-driven leads are perfect for analytics. Try A/B tests for different sequences and see what outreach strategy works better and why. You lists will be regularly updated with new opportunities available to you.

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Why R&G platform?

You always stay alert for market opportunities

We provide you with simple tools to filter and visualise the database to look for your Ideal Customer Profile. Browse available leads, build custom filters and then your list will be regularly updated with new opportunities.

Turn data into immediate action

Derive insights about potential customers by detecting the interlinks between different sets of data and your message. Use the power of analytics to your advantage and craft highly personalised and contextual automated messages for each lead.

Designed to save your time

It's so easy to use it. We know how much time-consuming accessing and filtering this data can be. Your time is more valuable than that!

Compatible with the best Sales Automation tools

You can integrate data-driven lead generation into your sales workflow without significant changes. It works well with most outbound marketing solutions. We also offer additional tools to deduplicate, verify, and enrich leads from your CRM.

Have the advantage of using Liquid templates

Liquid is an open-source language, created by Shopify, that enables dynamic content to be displayed in your email or website. You can achieve extra flexibility in customizing your message if you enrich liquid with real-time sales triggers that our platform offers.

Perform, Measure, Repeat.

Once you find your niche and verify pain points of your customers, you can repeat and adjust similar outbound campaigns all the time. It's a highly powerful tool to drive your business growth by a small team. That's where the real magic of sales automation appears!

Works well with your favorite applications

R&G leads can be used with over 50+ tools and apps for outbound marketing.

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Our partners love what we do

We are proud to be a part of Worldwide partnerships and contribute to the global customer value chain.

I’m thrilled that the cooperation between Idego and Rocks & Gold has evolved into a strategic partnership between our companies. I highly recommend their approach to Outbound Sales Automation.

Chris Gibas
Co-owner & CTO at Idego

Over the two years, the cooperation with R&G has proved fruitful. Their methodology and systematic approach have strengthened our positions in the U.S market and gave start to long-term projects.

Michal Wasilewski
CEO at Bitcraft

We receive 5 positive replies per week from the R&G outbound campaign, it’s over 130 new conversations for the last 6 months. They’ve also booked us 12 meetings with clients just 2 weeks prior to our visit to Los Angeles! Enormous results.

Łukasz Dolata
CEO at Oversee

Was our cooperation successful? Absolutely! Working with R&G we’ve solved the biggest problem for every business - the lead gen problem. Their solution allowed us to fully leverage lead’s data to confidently automate intelligent outbound outreach. We contact companies the same day they seek help with eCommerce, we always know what to say and to whom. Astonishing results! 

Robert Kwiatkowski
CEO at Matsuu

I truly recommend working with R&G, they will get you the right kind of clients you are looking for. During our cooperation, they’ve created an effective sales funnel that helped us acquire dozens of valuable connections that resulted in a number of signed contracts. Besides their quality work, they are great people.

Eugene Malinin
Co-founder and  CEO at 7ninjas

Rocks & Gold team never gives up and indeed look for gold among rocky outbound strategies. Victor's creative thinking was an important factor in shaping highly targeted emails to our potential clients. In addition, Andrei's knowledge helped me reach more leads, and it was precious for building a valuable network of contacts on LinkedIn.

Artur Trzop
Artur Trzop, Founder of Knapsack Pro

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Rocks & Gold is an R&D Lab in Lead Generation with years of operation on the market. Our mission is to facilitate communication in sales-automation and outbound marketing.

Our team has obtained a reputation of a highly reliable partner and a business development service provider.  We have diverse backgrounds and connect expertise from software engineering, data science, and business development.

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