3 Re-Engagement Tactics You Can Use to Warm Cold Leads
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3 Re-Engagement Tactics You Can Use to Warm Cold Leads

83% of people complain about salespeople being pushy. At the same time, more than 52% of SDRs give up after a single no
March 3, 2021

Re-Engagement Campaign using Contact Changes

Contact changes are the most common and popular trigger to use among sales and marketing teams.

Since we have many data providers in the contact details space, the first differentiation point for them is to collect and provide more data on contacts, like job changes.

The most common and cheap way to start tracking those changes is Sales Navigator. You can set up a list and review it from time to time or get alerts about job changes from it -

Contact List of Business Leads that Changed job in the past 90 days

Another more automatic ways are

  • Use scrapping tools, like Phantombuster, TextAu, etc., to collect contacts from lists created in Sales Navigator.
  • Use addons from sales prospecting tools, like ZoomInfo, Apollo.io, Cognism on job changes (be aware it is updated every three months and may still miss some data if your target list of companies is in small size).
  • Use dedicated software like jobtitle.io, which is going to track your custom list every 24 hours.

Messaging can be structured similarly as we shared previously in Company Leadership Changes alerts.

Congrats, a person with a new position, and ask about their current situation/process and what possible problems and opportunities they see.

Also, funny .GIF is improving positive conversions by 15%. It is re-engagement with our audience, be creative and fun!)

Warm Up Message based on Company Changes and Initiatives

Most newsletters I receive as a subscriber about company changes are not about my company!

Email marketers share news about fundraising, product updates, collaborations, mergers, etc., but everything is about themselves!

The second most common case is to send a blast of cold outbound emails based on fundraising news, but you should understand -

The day when the news came out is already few months old from actual fundraising.

All money is already spent on new hires, contractors, initiatives. Such messaging based on this trigger is not relevant and not unique for each person you reach out to.

What has better timing in terms of company changes so we can use it in our re-engagement strategy?

I want to present you a few data points and use cases how to collect them -

  • Company Growth rate
  • Company Hiring
  • Company News
  • Company Leadership Changes

Company Growth rate

First, if you have Sales Navigator Subscription on the Team plan, you can easily upload your list of companies with websites to the platform and create a separate list.

If not, you can still upload your list of domains and get company LinkedIn Links back.

You can use data enrichment software like Clearbit to get a company's social profiles to upload them in Phantombuster.

Another relevant approach is hiring VA on freelance platforms like Upwork that help you collect that list.

Then you can export this list and upload it to Phantombuster recipe "Sales Navigator Account Scrapper" to collect growth rates of the company -

Phantombuster Tactic to collect specialized content for current sales process
(Phantombuster Bot, 2021)

Combined with different growth rates by the department, you can structure your re-engagement content and persona-targeting based on best-fit profiles connected with growth rates.

For example, the company was growing by 15% last month, and their IT department increased by 10%+.

This is a signal that Head/Director level people within a company might have some needs in project management software update to onboard and improve internal communication among new members. And you had a previous cold attempt to pitch this solution a few months ago. So today is an excellent opportunity to reconsider!

Company Hirings

Based on recent LinkedIn data from Sales Navigator (20.04.2021), only 1.5% of companies are hiring today (480k+ vs. 31M+) -

Informational content of B2B company for whole period of time from Sales Navigator
Re-engagement and relationship building based on total company list from Sales Navigator

We can adjust this data (cause companies hiring not only on LinkedIn), but 10% of all companies actively hire in each specific period.

The data start changing a lot if we take companies with 50+ employees, where 15%+ is hiring on Linkedin, and over 30%+ have active job openings on the web.

What does it mean?

Each of three amazing open deals in your pipeline, lead, or subscriber shows you a signal to engage in a relevant manner!

Also, any company with open hirings almost always has a positive growth rate!

As a result, you can structure your re-engagement messaging, for example -

Hello, {{first_name}}!

Congrats on your recent company growth! Happy to see your open positions, like {{job_name}} on {{source}} with {{job_skills}} skills! Great to see your product development and improvements!

We've been talking in the past about ways to scale your development team on a flexible basis.

Does this sound like an option for your current needs?



This is an example of 58 words messaging that converts into business way better than any "Are you alive / Do you need us shortly?" mass blast.

The options to source relevant data, unfortunately, are not very scalable in most cases.

Platforms like ZoomInfo, Cognism provide some data on companies, but updates are quarterly and mostly from LinkedIn, which is not the most popular choice among companies to hire.

Plus, you may have a niche or location which does not use Linkedin for hirings at all.

Another way is to use scrapping tools like dataminer.io to build a bot to collect data relevant to you. This empathic approach is not very scalable and may be costly if you want daily updates, but for the start and niche outreach, it is excellent!

Finally, you can consider several account intelligence data providers with a focus on job postings. To review a complete list, you can check data vendors aggregators like Datarade.

From them, you can consider products like Rocks & Gold, which collects and aggregates hiring data from multiple job boards daily and provide easy-to-use filtering options, data exports, and CRM integration.

Company News

Do you remember our first mention that most news subsequent emails are not about your company? So you can start using that in your strategy!

With products like Owler.com or ZoomInfo addon, you can follow such trigger events from the target list of accounts and engage with them when any new acquisition, leadership changes, fundraising, entrance to a new market, strategy updates!

Still, it might be hard to find any software to shorten news in a small, relevant snippet. On the other hand, you don't want to be generic in this type of message!

Many companies are starting with "Congrats on your recent fundraising, do you need some support in {{service}}"

This is death messaging for your domain reputation and, in general, can harm your brand appearance.

Frequently, in such announcements from news, co-founder and C-Level executives share their vision and goals for the future.

For example, recent fundraising from 6sense present company vision in RevTech space and focus on merging people from sale and marketing department. It is not just a $125 million announcement!)

You can create specialized content for each category of news events.

Here is an example list from Owler.com -

  • Funding, Acquisition
  • Product Launch
  • Product Rumours
  • Partnership
  • Joint Venture
  • Awards
  • Rebranding
  • Restructuring
  • Layoffs
  • New Office
  • IPO Rumours
  • Hiring

You can make a different piece of content for each most important event. Content marketing around target news is one of a powerful re-engagement tactics to make a use from your target email list. Also, it is very good approach to run lead-nurturing email campaign follow-up tactics using mentioned triggers. Finally, don't forget to optimize SEO in content to get passive flow of organic subscribers.

Company Leadership Changes

Based on LinkedIn stats (dated by 20.04.2021), 0.5% of all companies have leadership changes in the last 90 days, and 1.7% have changes in companies from 50+ employees. While it might not be a lot, the data doubles each time you double the company size!

That means if you target 500+ size companies, there is a 5%+ chance to get a new lead based on leadership change. Your previous blocker may leave the company, or the champion will start working in another one!

You can run a re-engagement campaign using messaging like

Hello, {{first_name}},

Congrats on your new role! It was a pleasure to discuss with you plans for {{area_of_expertise}} in your previous company {{company_name}}.

How does the situation look like in your new place?

Happy to share relevant materials or have a small talk about possible solutions!



The total word count is 50 words and super relevant and personal! The tactic also can be implemented in cold prospecting within people you haven't talk to, but they change their job from your current client!

Where to get this data? The cheapest alternative will be using either Sales Navigator (Changed Job in the past 90 days tab) or Crunchbase (Signals -> Leadership Hire).

Using Insights Data and Content in Communication Channels

Another way to boost your category awareness is to share industry events and relevant content with data insights to your subscriber and network.

Nowadays, you should be aware that a buying decision to choose one vendor or another is made 80% without his direct participation!

You want to build your credibility and trust even without direct talk! Using videos, thought-leadership posts, business knowledge articles, you have a great chance to crack social media.

Again, it is a tremendous and positive approach to reconnect and re-engage with your audience using these articles.

For example, this support of software like LinkedIn Helper, you can send an invite to your subscriber and share them on a weekly-monthly basis invites to webinars and links to relevant content, like -

Hello, {{first_name}}, Recently, we did excellent research on how using hiring signals in messaging improves favorable reply rates and engagement - {{link to the article}}.

As {{title}}, it may be interesting to have a look at.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Always happy to learn something new and provide more value!


Marketing teams see almost a half increase in revenue generated when mediums like sales email are used to lead nurturing. Why not try using that marketing strategy on social?

With the support of marketing automation software, you have an easy way to personalize your message per person, which improves click-through rates and conversion rates compared to blank mass blasts.

Sales cycles can be long, too long for some prospects. Using the proper process, email automation software, social engagement tactics, and the right data providers, you can decrease your time to revenue, increase subscriber list engagement and overall success rate.

1. For drip emails, you should remember stats from campaigncreators - over three fourth of email revenue is generated not from mass outreach but with the support of a wise triggered follow-up email schedule.

2. Using a light direct message approach filled with insights data in your social media channel will review inactive prospect list and won't be sound like a remarketing email in another medium

3. Following your network and sending a re-engagement email or congratulatory email at the right time will help you to reach their personal email inbox and generate new qualified leads.