4 ways to find what business is visiting your website
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4 ways to find what business is visiting your website

Increasing ROI from the same operations becomes more and more crucial in the period of marketing budget cuts and changing customer behaviors
March 3, 2021

Understanding Businesses with Google Analytics

Being one of the most popular and free tools on the market, Google Analytics works best not only for Google Ads. You can reveal the identity of website visitors!

While you can define what people visited your webpage (define their IP address), you will get additional insights about the list of companies visiting your website.

To test this approach, you need

1. Login into your Google Analytics Account -


2. Go through Audience -> Technology -> Network

google analytics network page to find anonymous website visitors

or use the search panel -

search panel to find visitor tracking tool in Google Analytics

3. Check the list of service providers and find potential customers within them -

google analytics service provider visitors search results

Updated: From February 2020, Google stopped support of Internet Service Providers data, and there is a workflow with Google Tag Manager, custom dimensions, to bring back this data to your Google Analytics instance with support of external IP reveal services.

IP Tracking Tools to identify hot leads from your sales and marketing content

IP Tracking itself as a technology was developed and used by cybersecurity and anti-bot services and products a long time ago.

Some pioneers in the sales and marketing data space, like Clearbit, saw an opportunity to sell such type of data to identify anonymous accounts visiting your website -

clearbit visitor identification software call ip reveal

With a large suite of data products for sales and marketing teams, like contact data, firmographic, and technographic data, Clearbit lost a bit the race for being the best tool for IP reveal, where companies like Albacross -

albacross as visitor tracking software product page

Leadfeeder -

leadfeeder as visitor tracking software product description

and Leadberry -

leadberry as anonymous website visitor product page

They took their place in the market, spending most of their time improving their IP database and deliver the best quality and quantity of revealed list of companies.

From our side, if you decide to test any of these tools, we suggest subscribing to trial plans, adding their tracking scripts to your webpage simultaneously, and checking at the end of the trial which software delivers better results on your traffic. We made such an approach and were very impressed with the difference.

Also, remember that data quality is getting better over time. In the next 12 months, another vendor might better perform on your traffic, so always test new market entrants and past vendors every year!

Account-based advertising platforms to identify visitor activity and hidden prospects

CRM platforms like Pipedrive or HubSpot, along with standalone IP reveal products like Albacross or Leadfeeder, can give up data on our anonymous website visitors, aka potential prospects. Still, there is a lot of other steps to be done to convert them to sales leads!

As a result, companies with a deeper focus on mid-market and enterprise-level deals came up with an all-in-one solution for successful traffic deanonymization and account-based marketing strategies.

The first SaaS product that started to talk a lot about it was Terminus. Identifying accounts visiting your website platform allows you to build a seamless digital marketing experience across multiple channels and structure all data in one place per account.

As a result, you can see the complete picture of the engagement of your audience with your brand on account, contact levels, and opened pipeline -

Terminus demo of prospects report

A similar approach is taken by a company called 6sense -

6sense as visitor identification software product description

The company went even a bit ahead of Terminus with proprietary algorithms to predict the account stage in buying cycle for particular keywords even without any data based on your website visits. The company is sourcing open web and using data from other partners to build prediction scores and suggest you an additional account to focus on in your marketing activities.

Combining the power of any of these solutions that help to reveal anonymous interest in your product or service -

  • ISP Network data in Google Analytics
  • CRM traffic analytics solutions
  • IP Reveal product
  • Account-based marketing software

With data about the company's expertise and software needs based on their hiring patterns derived from our platform - Rocks & Gold will bring you new qualified leads with detailed insights for more relevant and meaningful engagement! Check your ideal accounts here.

There are a lot of ways B2B marketers and sales teams can find new sources of leads. With the growth in popularity of inbound tactics, products that supports effective traffic processing, conversion, and search engine optimization is on the rise, like

  • Real-time dynamic lead scoring
  • Website personalization
  • AI-generated text and images with scalable A/B testing of creatives in real-time
  • Traffic deanonymization in GDPR compliant way

These and many more ways are becoming more and more trending in 2021!

While the first three points are related to better traffic conversions, let's talk about understanding your website visitors and who they are.

In this article, we will discuss approaches such as

  • Google Analytics
  • Traffic analytics via CRM providers
  • IP Reveal tools
  • Account-based marketing software

As you may know and experience, just a few percentage points of incoming traffic fill your website form -> become identified website visitors -> convert to a loyal client.

It means that the rest hardly earned the attention of potential customers who browse around and leave without giving you any contact details.

Making a sum of all traffic every month, you will see a lot of missed opportunities!

In most cases, the only way you can chase them is by using retargeting ads on other marketing channels.

However, ROI from email marketing keeps having the highest metrics among all other channels (email generates $38 for every dollar with an impressive 3,800% ROI, HubSpot).

You want to understand your anonymous visitors and catch their interest with their email address or reveal their identity!

To improve that, you can think about minor conversion percentage points on your landing page, which triggers a few questions -

  • What might be wrong with my landing page?
  • Does this traffic relevant to my proposal?
  • Are there any problems with the page from a technical point of view, like slow speed?
  • Does my messaging is suitable for the audience?

But here you can see a few problems. Each question is

  • Broad
  • Requires a lot of time to analyze for a suitable change
  • Needs enough expertise to make correct decision

And even with all steps done right, there is still a chance of failure despite following the best intentions.

Still, understanding this big chank of anonymous visitors is essential for business owners and demand generation teams to answer these questions better and have a plan B for another type of engagement!

Let's dive deep into four ways to understand what these companies and people are!

Insights about Individual Visitors with the help of your CRM

Year over year, Customer Relationship Management systems become more and more sophisticated to bring us a turbo-charged lead generation future - collecting a list of leads without our direct interaction.

For example, HubSpot and Pipedrive both implemented technology to bring our visitors personalized experiences, visitor cookie tracking analytics, search engine optimization suggestions, and prospect web activity reports.

Until recent times, HubSpot had a significant section of prospects visited your webpages where HubSpot cookie is hosted similar to Google Analytics.

You could find the "Prospects" tab in the Reports -> Analytics Tools section with complete information on companies:

hubspot analytics tools tab to find content visitors

Updated: With the implementation of new GDPR regulations, in mid-2020 HubSpot decides to withdraw this functionality and propose to use other GDPR-compliant service providers

Pipedrive on other hand entered the race of being all-in-one CRM much later and haven't implemented its own process of identifying anonymous website visitors.

Instead, they partnered with other vendors and presented their own UI - "Website visitors" to tackle this problem -

pipedrive web visitor tracking tool addon

Here you are able to review companies anonymously visiting your website and save them to our CRM.

All that will help you to uncover hidden gems of your traffic.