Tactic #1 “Expertise-based search”

Victor Krasovsky
March 2, 2021

Meet Henry 😁! Henry is a remote game-developer and consultant that well-known for his expertise in Unity stack and knowledge of a rare game-engine called ‘unreal engine’.

Henry hates to spend time on data review and browsing gaming job posts manually as he loves building games more 👾. He wants to receive a fresh list of leads for his business by every morning so that leads research process won’t take more time than his favorite cup of coffee.


        Henry wants to know:

  1. what companies are looking for engineers experienced in ‘Unity’?
  2. what jobs and projects require ‘Unreal Engine’ expertise?
  3. what companies are currently searching for ‘game developers’?

How find opportunities for Henry? (5 Steps)

The presented above scenario is one of the most well-known use-cases of a platform.

Step 1: Use ‘Primary Tech Stack’ filter to find leads for ‘Unity’ technology

This filter can help to list jobs by a specific technology or a tech stack
Step 2: Use “Job description’ to find ‘Unreal Engine’ projects
This filter can help you to list companies based on a specific combination of keywords in the job description

Henry is surprised to see so many jobs for ‘Unreal Engine’ from non-gaming industries. He wants to research them later, but his priority is to find jobs for game development.

Step 3: Save the search and customize the filter to see only ‘gaming’ jobs
This filter can optimize search by showing jobs with a specific keyword that must be used in its name
Step 4: Review and qualify job signals
In this step, you may review additional information and select profiles
Step 5: Save companies and enable alerts
You may select and label companies to receive updates as well as be enable alerts on new job signals

Check out Tactic #2 “Solution-based search” here!

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