Tactic #2 “Solution-based search”

Victor Krasovsky
March 2, 2021

Meet Stickmin,

Stickmin has diverse expertise in the gaming industry’ and he seeks to collaborate with gaming companies, to support them in design, engineering, and QA.

Stickmin doesn’t like browsing data. Instead, he wants to spend more time talking with clients and he wants to know where it’s the best time to re-engage a client from his network.

       Stickmin wants to know:

  1. what companies are present on the market for 'Game Development / VR' and actively grow?
  2. what companies in his network (Game Conference) currently need tech support?
  3. what companies are looking for ‘remote’ and 'senior' engineers to join the project?
Step 1: Exclude recruitment and use ‘Company Keywords’
This filter can easily take off your list of recruiters and focus on your target group:
- Notice how the also list includes companies that were labeled before
Step 2: Using labels, block bad companies and highlight good ones
You can block or select labels to find companies you follow or reviewed earlier
Step 3: Use ‘remote’ filter to see if they’re any remote-friendly companies
Using this ai-driven filter, you can highlight remote jobs only
Step 4: Exclude/Include ‘job name’ keywords to optimize search
Use ‘job name’ or ‘job description’ to create a combination of keywords needed for a specific search
Step 5: Filter by ‘job location’ and export directly to CRM
Filter by ‘job location’ and export results directly to your CRM to update profiles

In case you've missed the Tactic #1 “Expertise-based search” - check it out here.

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